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Entebbe Airport to Be Re-opened on 1st October 2020


The closer of Entebbe international Airport and other entries/exits into and out of Uganda was one of the measures to halt the spread of COVID-19. This was to take 32 days but since then the lockdown has been frequently extended.

As reopening gets closer, passengers  look to set even tougher times whereby passengers will have to arrive at the airport at least four hours before the flight

Besides a long health check at the airport, wearing masks, maintaining social distance, washing hands, and use of sanitizers all time will be obligatory to all passengers. if a passenger is found with coronavirus, he/she will be blocked from accessing the airport

“Setting up of the strict measures is designed to allow airlines to return to the skies hence keeping travelers safe and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus’’ as said by Dr.Diana Atwine

Airport Authorities have borrowed and put in place several standard operating procedures from the international civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the World Health Organization (WHO)

Will preparing for Entebbe Airport to be Re-Opened,Guidelines have been put in place that will be used by passengers soon as operations resume putting more emphasis on wearing of masks by passengers

Standard operating procedure for re-opening of the airport by Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA)

  • Installation of Automated sanitizers at entrance points at the airport
  • Ensure the maintain ace of social distance
  • Deployment of Temperature Guns
  • Ultra-modern Scans which detect temperature In 30 meters’ distance, this will be installed in the waiting rooms of very important people
  • Installation of glass shield to minimize the contact between passengers
  • Non-touch taps have been installed in washrooms
  • Pre-board lounges will be torn down to create enough space for passengers

Some of the changes are immediate well as others are gradual Entebbe airport being the main getaway point located 47km south of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. The airport boasts over 70% of passengers arriving into the country hence supporting many businesses in the importation and exportation of goods to and from Uganda

Entebbe airport has been going several upgrades working on expanding of the cargo center while the old runway ready to handle airlines

The closing of Entebbe airport was one of the measures that were put in place to control the introduction of coronavirus to the country letting only cargo and Un aircraft to fly in and out of Uganda

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