Chimpanzee in KibaleChimpanzees are mostly located in Kibale National park which is located in Western Uganda; the park has got many chimpanzees which have helped in attracting many chimpanzee trekking safaris to Uganda, these have helped in increasing the revenues of the country hence developing the tourism sector.
Making chimp’s part of safari will provide you with good experience which will automatically make your adventure good; chimpanzees have got interesting features which are similar to those of human beings, this has helped in increasing chimpanzee tracking safaris to Uganda.
Chimpanzees can also be found in Queen Elizabeth National park specifically in Kyambura gorge inside Maramagambo Forest, these chimpanzees have attracted many chimpanzee safaris to Uganda, which has helped in increasing the revenues of the tourism sector.
Chimpanzees have got similar characteristics like those of human beings, and this means that they are more like the human beings; this is the main reason why many tourists have travelled to Uganda for chimpanzee visits, hence improving the tourism sector.
Chimpanzees can also be found in Budongo forest, in the eastern Uganda, these chimps are so wonderful since they keep on mimicking the human beings; these kinds of behaviours have helped in increasing chimpanzee safaris to Uganda.
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