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East African Tourism Meeting Ended up in Arusha – Uganda safari News

Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania are the East African countries which met together to discuss the problems that lead to a decline in their tourism sector therefore reducing safaris in the countries.

This was accepted and they therefore had resolutions to their problems which will therefore help up lift the tourism sector in Uganda hence attracting more safaris to Uganda plus the other countries.

They talked about the problem of denying the tour vehicles on safaris enter different countries, the harassment of guides while crossing different borders, cooperation among other countries and so many other problems.

The above problems and so many others had solutions and this will help push Uganda tourism a step further hence attracting many safaris in Uganda as a tourism destination.

The meeting also put a lot of connections among the countries because they will always work together so as to have tourism the top sector hence having more Uganda safaris.

The local people will also benefit from this because since the infrastructures will be developed and also Economic growth will be in the countries and this will also provide employment opportunities to the local people.

This will therefore make Uganda a better place to live in due to economic development hence more safaris in Uganda as investors come in form of tourists.

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