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DR. Chameleon to Promote Busoga Tourism – Uganda Safari News

kagulu hillThe famous Uganda musician Dr. Jose Chameleon was appointed the ambassador of Busoga tourism which has therefore increased more tours to Uganda for the fans to see their musician marketing tourism in Uganda.

This has therefore marketed the tourism sector since many people including the musicians are embarked with the heart of loving the tourism sector.

This has therefore increased more efforts in tourism therefore promoting more safaris to Uganda.

The Ugandan musician Dr. chameleon has promised to market busoga tourism so as to increase the number of tourists coming to visit Uganda.

The new ambassador is aiming at marketing the Kagulu Hill which was a home to the early settlers so as to promote more tourists to safari the hill.

This is a place of history and therefore tourists like it when they visit the place hence attracting many Uganda tours.

This will also promote the music industry because as tourists come to tour Uganda they also support the music industry.

This therefore gives the musicians the courage to put more efforts to support the tourism sector so as to attract tourists to come for Uganda visits.

This therefore makes Uganda a tourist destination hence boosting the tourism sector.

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