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Discounted Gorilla and Chimpanzee Permits’ Season Draws Closer

gorilla permitUganda also referred to as the Pearl of Africa because of her remarkable beauty and abundant biodiversity and fertility remains a point of interest to the world travelers including those interested in Uganda gorilla safaris along with the chimpanzee safaris in Uganda.

The government and its respective agencies including the Uganda Wildlife Authority devises means of neutralizing the seasonality effect which is a common challenge in the tourism sector especially in the developing countries.

The rainy months of April, May and November tend to be avoided by many which affects the tourism business and puts the beneficiaries at stake including the employees.

Uganda introduced the initiative of discounted gorilla permits which has been in operation for long. The travelers that undertook gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda during them mentioned months would pay $350 for the Foreign Non Resident permit, $300 for the Foreign Resident Permit and the 150,000/= for the Citizens of the East African Community.

This was in reduction from the high season price of $600, $500 and 250,000/= for the respective categories.

Now, even with the New Year, Uganda is not determined to forsake her esteemed world travelers. Though with slight changes, the country has maintained the discount for the gorilla permits and made a profound ground breaking for the introduction of discounted Chimpanzee Permit.

The new discounted gorilla permit stands at $450 for the Non resident while the resident permit stands at $400. This shows that an increment of $100 was considered.

In addition, the Chimpanzee permits have been reduced by $50 putting the price in the low season months at $100.

This initiative makes the chimpanzee trekking in Kibale National Park – the primate capital of the world affordable compared to when the permit is at $150 in the high season months.

The presence of these two offers in the mentioned months is an opportunity that can be taken advantage of by price sensitive travelers all over the world to explore the two of the world’s Big Apes in their prestigious habitats.

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park features a minimum of 400 mountain gorillas and is a remarkable UNESCO world heritage site which makes it an ideal site for gorilla trekking safaris.

Kibale features the largest group of the habituated Chimpanzees alongside other 12 species of primate making it an ideal destination for primatologists as well.

The interested travelers on Uganda safari can incorporate the two activities with 5 days minimum and take advantage of the discount in the forthcoming months.

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