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Differences and Similarities Between Human Beings and the Gorillas.

Mountain gorillas and human beings are different and at the same time similar in character, human beings have got plenty of similar features with the mountain gorillas and this is the main reason why people have travelled from all over the world to come and have gorilla trekking safaris in both Uganda and Rwanda.

It’s found out that 15 percent of the mountain gorilla’s DNA is similar to that of human beings, and this means that human people are close relatives to the mountain gorillas and that’s the main reason why many tourists have travelled to Africa to take up mountain gorilla tracking safaris.

Both the human beings and the gorillas share the genes that are in the brain development and the hearing, and this means that the great apes listen and hear like the human beings, this is so interesting to the tourists who come for mountain gorilla safaris to either Rwanda or Uganda.

Mountain gorillas and human beings have got 98% genes identical and then the people share 99% of the makeup with the chimpanzees. It’s also found out that mountain gorillas share many parallel genetic changes with humans; which also includes the evolution of the hearing and the sensory perception of the human beings, many people have travelled to Uganda and Rwanda to witness this during their gorilla safaris.

Mountain gorillas have also got a system of communication which is different from that of human language, this means that gorillas cannot talk while human beings can communicate easily, and this makes the two different, and also it’s discovered that disease transmission is also different between mountain gorillas and the human beings. All these differences and the similarities have continued to attract more visitors to come for gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.

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