Tourism in Rwanda  is one of the greatest sectors contributing high revenues to the country, this means that it needs the necessary infrastructural developments in order to improve its projects; development of Roads will help in improving the sector and at the same time increasing safaris to Rwanda.

The roads which lead to the main tourist attractions need to be improved since there is need to encourage more tourists to come to Rwanda for safaris, this will help in promoting the tourism sector in Rwanda and also improving the development of the country.

Development of roads in Rwanda will help in the development of more infrastructures like the hotels and this will help in improving tourist facilities especially in the national parks where the tourists stay while they are on their safaris in Rwanda.

The government has however come up to invest money in development of more roads and hotels in the country, since this will help in improving the tourism sector in Rwanda. It has collaborated with the ministry of tourism in Rwanda in order to help in improving the tourism sector in Rwanda.


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