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Dark Tourism is the Next Uganda Safari Product Item to Look Out For On A Uganda Safari tour- Uganda Safari News

  • Dark Tourism is the Next Uganda safari product item to look out forUg martyrs 2Uganda is a country of spectacular wildlife diversity, stunning culture and rich history.
  • Uganda safaris usually leave many travel enthusiasts blown away by how such as a small country like Uganda that can only be matched to UK or Oregon State in terms of size can be richly gifted in all aspects of wildlife and culture.

During a Uganda wildlife safari trip to any of the spectacular Uganda tour destinations, you will be captivated by Uganda’s scenery, wildlife, the people and diverse local cuisines in Uganda.

Given the wild diversity of Uganda, many tour operators in Uganda are concentrating on creating packages that mainly focus on selling Uganda as a wildlife and cultural destination.

It is on this ground that the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has earmarked dark tourism – travel to places historically associated with death and tragedy – as a product it believes will not only help diversify Uganda’s tourism product offerings but also help the younger generation understand the journey of their country.

Lily Ajarova, CEO of Uganda Tourism Board, says the country’s tourism offering is not just about the beauty. The dark past offers a new form of tourism that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. “Dark tourism offers complex and personal stories of those affected.

These also act as deterrents so that such events never occur again. Uganda’s history, especially during the 1970s, gives us a unique understanding of the character that many people – both citizens and foreigners – would want to learn from,” she explains.

namugongoAlthough many tour operators in Uganda haven’t been keenly offering Uganda safari tour packages inspired by Uganda’s dark past, Prime safaris & tours ltd is already ahead of the pack as it offers you comprehensive 1 day Kampala city tour packages to areas with emphasis being highlighted on sights that have were set up to highlight some of Uganda’s darkest days in her history.

This Kampala city tour is done in the comfort of any of our wide fleet of safari cars which include 4×4 safari vans for hire in Uganda, 4×4 coaster for hire in Uganda, 4×4 safari land cruisers for hire in Uganda or 4×4 safari jeeps for hire in Uganda.

During this Kampala city tour, you have an opportunity to visit the Amin torture chambers that are found within the courtyard of Buganda’s Mengo palace, and these were used by the then president of this young republic Gen Amin Dada who was an absolute despot and ruled the land with an iron fist to torture those that he thought were interested in overthrowing his government from power.

Many people who breathed their last within the confinements of the walls of these torture chambers left handwritten paintings on the walls of these dungeons that they made using their own blood and excrements as the last form of communication to their loved ones about their whereabouts.

ug martyrsAnother attraction site you will visit on this Kampala day tour / Kampala day tour is the Namugongo Martyrs.

This shrine is the true embodiment of how resilient Ugandans can be because, during the early days of Christianity in Uganda, the then Kabaka(King) of Buganda- Kabaka Mwanga II viewed the Christianity which was spreading like a wildfire a very potential threat to his ability to have his subjects under control.

He, therefore, ordered for new converts to Christianity to denounce their newly found religious faith and go back to their roots.

These newly converted Christians denounced the Kabaka’s orders and that definitely sealed their fate of death because it was an abomination to refute the king’s orders hence they had to be persecuted and by the beginning of 1886 some of these new Christians started facing their death, however, the majority of these Christians were brought to the execution grounds named Namugongo were they were killed by burning.

“This product has both national and international demand.” Ms Lily says, in some countries, Uganda is only associated with Idi Amin. “It is an opportunity to show that the country has since moved on.” Uganda will join countries such as Germany, Cambodia, Japan and Rwanda as destinations for dark tourism.

A 1 day Kampala tour that takes you to these places can similarly be compared to a Rwanda city tour or Rwanda safari that takes to Rwanda genocide memorial which harbours the story of Rwanda’s darkest days in history.

During this Rwanda safari tour visit to the Rwanda genocide memorial, you will be in position to encounter the tales of many Rwandese that lived and managed to survive the horrors of the Rwanda genocide which saw over one million Tutsis were persecuted by the Hutus.

If you desire to visit the Rwanda genocide Memorial, you can easily add a Kigali city tour on top of your either short Rwanda gorilla safari or long Rwanda gorilla safari which is usually carried out by many tourists on a safari in Rwanda

What Else Does Uganda Have to Offer?

Besides the trying to tap into Uganda’s dark tourism potential, Uganda still has a great number of attractions it relies on to create for you a memorable safari in Uganda experience. Below are some of the attractions you are likely to encounter on your safari Uganda include

Uganda the land of apes

db291-gorilla-families-virunga-volcanoes-rwandaTo primatologists and any other person who is intrigued by these wild cousins of ours, Uganda isn’t only the Pearl of Africa as many of us know it to be but also is truly the home of primates and this is because Uganda is home to over 13 primate species a number that isn’t easily found elsewhere on the planet.

Are you on a search for mountain gorillas? If you’re then get your bags ready and make that Uganda safari tour because Uganda is home to these elusive mountain gorillas which are found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

These gentle giants in Uganda almost constitute half of the world’s gorilla population which is currently standing at around 1000 individuals.

When it comes to gorillas, Uganda isn’t the only country that is home to these unforgettable mountain giants but these can also be encountered when you make a Rwanda gorilla safari to Volcanoes National Park.

Rwanda gorilla tours put you in a unique position to encounter several of these amazingly shy land giants as they go about their daily rounds as this park is home to 10 gorilla families that have been habituated to give you an ultimate gorilla trekking Rwanda experience.

The other country that is ready to for you on your africa gorilla safari adventure is Congo. A Congo gorilla safari takes you to Virunga National Park which is home to the mountain gorillas. However, Congo gorilla tour still can lead you to Kahuzi Biega National Park which is home to the rare Eastern lowland gorillas.

When you make your Uganda safari to this pearl of Africa, you will come to realize that mountain gorillas are just a part of what really Uganda has to offer.

Uganda still has more attractions your will encounter in case you decide to make a Uganda wildlife safari. After a really spectacular encounter with the gorillas, Uganda gives you an opportunity to meet another great ape species and this is the chimpanzee.

With a safari Uganda to Kibale Forest National Park Uganda, you are assured for a memorable encounter with the chimpanzees that will definitely fascinate you with their high levels of intelligence. However as you search for the chimpanzees in Kibale you have an opportunity to meet 12 other primate species and these include the black and white colobus monkeys, the grey cheeked mangabeys, the L’hoest monkeys, the olive baboons, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, pattas monkeys and many more. With all these primates presents

Uganda the Home of Birds

ostrich-male-nest-eggs-14172440Birds, when you speak of birds in Africa, Uganda should be your first priority because a Uganda birding safari is to any of the numerous birding safari destinations in Uganda such as Semuliki National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidpeo Valley National Park and Kibale National Park is a totally unique experience that gives you an opportunity to encounter several of the 1070 bird species that call Dear Uganda home. This makes Uganda home to over 50% of all the bird species that are found on the African continent.


61185526_2407241646215279_6076999804645277696_oWild mammals- if you are looking for wild mammals, a Uganda wildlife safari to some of Uganda wildlife safaris destinations such as Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park Uganda and Kidepo Valley National Park Uganda will give you an encounter with some of the finest African savanna mammals like you have never seen before.

Many of these destinations have 4 or 5 out of the big five africa game which include African bush elephants, cape buffaloes, lions, leopards and rhinos.

On top of these expect to encounter numerous other mammals such as Roth child giraffes, burchell zebras, elands, Jackson hartebeests, topis, and a wide variety of antelope species.

Since Uganda being part of the larger grassland plains of East Africa, any Africa wildlife safari visitor can enjoy similar Africa safaris tour experience in Kenya similar to that enjoyed while on a tour Uganda to several of the tropical savanna grassland parks in Uganda.

Such an Africa safari experience can be had when you make a Kenya wildlife safari to Masai Mara National Reserve or other Kenya safari destinations like Tsavo East National Park, Nairobi National Park, Amboseli National Park and Aberdares National Park and Lake Nakuru National Park.

Similarly, a Tanzania wildlife safari to Tanzania safari destinations such as Serengeti National Park Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park, Tarangire National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area can also bare the same fruits

Uganda a Hiking Destination With Less Crowds

If you are a person with a big appetite for scaling mountains, Uganda offers you the best opportunity to engage in an epic Rwenzori hiking safari experience with minimal crowds.

Uganda is home to 2 towering mountains which are Rwenzori mountain in Mountain Rwenzori National Park and this is the 3rd highest mountain on the African continent with an elevation of 5109m, Mountain Elgon at 4321m above sea level, 3 of the 8 Virunga ranges found in Uganda and the forever intriguing Kigezi highlands will excite you on your Uganda safari to Kabale district.

In case you would like to visit any of the destinations that have been mentioned here such as Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Congo, Prime safaris and tours is your number one choice for a local tour operator to organize for you such an Africa safari adventure to Uganda.

Prime Safaris & Tours is a highly rated local tour and travel company given the diverse packages offered in Uganda, Rwanda Congo Tanzania and Kenya. These include short Uganda wildlife tours / short Uganda gorilla tours / short gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, short Rwanda gorilla safaris, short Rwanda wildlife safaris, short Congo gorilla safaris, short Kenya safaris/ short Kenya wildlife safaris, short Tanzania safaris/ short Tanzania wildlife safaris. long Uganda wildlife safaris/ long wildlife safaris in Uganda, long Uganda gorilla safaris, long Rwanda gorilla safaris, long Congo gorilla safaris, long Kenya safaris / long Kenya wildlife safaris, long Tanzania safaris.

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