dairy farming -uganda safarisUganda has been looking for a scheme where they can generate a lot of incomes so as to develop the economy of Uganda and also attract many safaris to Uganda as a developed country. Here is a new diary known as Amos Diaries which deals in milk and the local people can decide to engage in the business so as to earn a living and develop them themselves.

The company will be a source of employment to many of the people of Uganda which is going to help fight poverty in the country therefore attracting many Uganda safaris. The company is going to be producing exports which is therefore going to increase the foreign exchange earnings of the country which is therefore a registered development hence increasing more investments in other sectors like tourism sector thus more safaris to Uganda.

 There are many products that are going to be produced and these will also be bought by the tourists on Uganda safaris thus raising revenues to the government of Uganda. The revenues will also help improve the infrastructures of Uganda like the roads, hotels, lodges, restaurants so as to provide better services to tourists while on their Uganda safaris tours. More investments will also be put in other projects therefore attracting tourists to come and invest in the economy of Uganda therefore leading to development.

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