boat -uganda toursUganda has a lot to give to tourists who want to come for safaris in Uganda. These are never ending and you will enjoy them while on your Uganda safaris. These include the lakes, National parks, Museum, gorillas and  cultures in Uganda  . This is so good and interesting to carry out found in almost all areas of attractions in Uganda.

Cultural activities are mainly carried out by the Batwa and Bakiga people who live near the National parks. The Batwa pygmies are the local people who lived in the areas of some National parks and after the replacement of parks they were displaced to nearby areas .

The local people show tourists their traditional dances, their tree medicine, their farming skills, their gods, they tell them how they live , what they feed on and so many things about them. This is a nice experience because tourists learn more in this and while on their Uganda safari. What is more interesting is once you attend these cultural encounters the money you pay helps support the lives of these people .

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