Coronavirus cases in Rwanda – How the global Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic is unfolding in Rwanda. As the world still grapples with the new global pandemic of coronavirus, numerous countries are coming up with new ways they can cope with this new ugly reality of living with this deadly virus that has disrupted the routine of everyone in its own way around the world.

This virus has greatly disrupted the travel and tourism sector of so many destinations around the world as people are skeptical of travelling to new countries since they aren’t of sure health status of the person seated next to them on plane, bus or train to their destination.

In Africa, the pandemic has been largely contained due to the many health measures that were taken by the various governments in Africa. Today we would like to shade a light on how this global disaster has unfolded in Rwanda, a country that is almost emerging from the other side of the tunnel.

Rwanda’s success just like many other African countries owe their success largely to the stringent measures that they have been implemented.

Rwanda registered its first cases on 15th march 2020 which were 4 people, 2 new cases were registered on 16th March 2020, on 18th March 2020, 4 more cases were recorded, 20th March 6 cases, 22nd March 2 more new cases were recorded, March 23rd, 17 COVID-19 cases were registered, 24th March 4 people were registered to be positive, 25th March 1 positive case was registered. On 26th March 9 new cases, on 27th March 4 people were recorded in Rwanda, 28th March 6 new cases, March 29th 10 new cases were recorded. March 31st 5 new cases.

In April Rwanda registered to 156 positive Coronavirus

In May 128 positive cases were registered in Rwanda

In the first half of June Rwanda has so far recorded 250 coronavirus cases