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Conservation Wareness – Uganda Safari News

Uganda the pearl of Africa is blessed with diversity of flora and fauna which attracts safaris to Uganda. These flora and fauna is the tourism core product Uganda mostly depends on and if they are not conserved, it will lead to decline in safari visits to Uganda.

Uganda has some critically endangered animals which call for conservation. The mountain gorillas are Uganda’s critically endangered animal species which Uganda greatly sells as an attraction and thus has attracted a lot of gorilla tracking safaris.

Poaching is the reason behind the need for conservation. Poaching of animals in Uganda has caused a great loss in the number of animals in Uganda. Elephants are being killed for their trunks and sold in the Eastern world, black and white rhinos have been extinct and the rate of killing other animals is threatening the tourism industry which if not addressed it will lead to decrease in safaris to Uganda.

It is therefore the responsibility of every stakeholders involved in tourism industry to raise awareness about the importance of conservation purpose. This will reduce on the level of depletion of the natural resources on which tourism industry depends and therefore increasing safaris in Uganda.

In spite of that, Uganda has 90% of its vegetation in its natural form. The vegetation cover and the landscape shows Uganda’s unique beauty making it known as the pearl of Africa and a must visit destination.

The natural vegetation are homes to the various bird species, making Uganda the only tourism destination in Africa which can provide you with the advantage of seeing half of the total bird species population in Africa hence the best destination to enjoying birding activities.

Uganda safaris provide you with the best chance of seeing the rare and unique species of animals, birds and others and also how to conserve our wilderness for a better experience.

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