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Climbing the Famous Karisimbi Volcano – Rwanda Safari News

karisimbi Volcano rwandaIn the north west of Rwanda, there lies a towering volcanic mountain which is the highest in Rwanda and among the eight volcanoes that combine to form the greater Virunga massif which is greatly encountered on Rwanda safaris and tours.

Towering to 4,507m above sea level, Karisimbi Volcano is number sixth highest African mountain and its great scenic landscapes make it worth climbing while on safaris in Rwanda.

Mount Karisimbi requires the mountaineer to dedicate two (2) full days for its ascent and descend. The Karisimbi climbing opens the Rwanda safari undertakes to the great peaks of other Virunga volcanoes and the climb passes by the grave of the famous Dian Fossey who is credited for having laid a strong foundation for gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.

Appearing as a huge dome with a white shell on its top which is as a result of hail and sleet other than snow, Karisimbi mountain is a dormant volcano that no longer has dangers of violent eruptions thus reducing the risks of mountaineers that would want to climb while on safari tour in Rwanda.

The ORTPN provides the mountain guides and the mountaineers are left with the obligation of finding appropriate clothing and climbing equipment after including Mount Karisimbi climbing on the list while planning a safari to Rwanda. The best time to climb Mount Karisimbi include the months of Oct, Sept, Jan, Mar, Feb, Aug and Jul.

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