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Chimps Use Leaves as Napkins – Uganda safari

Did you Know that Chimps Make Use of Tools?

For many people who love adventure and travel, trekking through a jungle to find a family of mountain gorillas or chimpanzees is a very fascinating activity, but it is one that few people actually get to achieve in life.

For the lucky ones who do get to experience this firsthand, it is a trip where the memories will last a lifetime.

While on your gorilla trekking safari in Uganda/gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda, utilize a chance to find out what you never knew about chimps.

Guided by Uganda safari tours you will find out more exciting things about chimps and their life style in east Africa.

Chimps allover East Africa have been observed using tools in a wide variety of situations.

Besides fishing for termites, chimps use rocks as hammers and anvils to pound open nuts, use sticks to probe and break open beehives for honey and manufacture spears that they use to kill small mammals.

Some chimp groups have a collection of different tools used in sequence to access a particular food source.

It can take chimps years to perfect the use of these tools, as many as five years to learn how fish for termites, ten years to learn how to pound open palm nuts with stone hammers and anvils. Tool use gets taught and passed down from generation to generation.

Chimps also use leaves as napkins and sponges to wipe faces, urine, blood from wounds or menstruation, sticky foods and juice, water and mad from bodies.

A Rwanda safari tour is also a great opportunity for tourists to experience chimps in East Africa.

Did you know that chimps make use of tools?Uganda gorilla safari / Uganda safari news

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