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4X4 Rav4 Rental Uganda Kampala, 4WD Toyota Rav4 Hire Uganda Kampala

If you are looking for the best Toyota 4×4 Rav4 rental Uganda Kampala, then we are the right company to solve your 4WD Toyota Rav4 hire in Uganda Kampala needs.

Whether you are a local Uganda or a foreigner in need of a Toyota RAV4 for hir in Uganda Kampala and Rwanda Kigali, we are very humbled to offer dependable and remarkable service.

The RAV4 is a small comfortable vehicle with one passenger seat in front and two seats behind. The vehicle has a luggage boot and the luggage rack can as well be fixed to allow for extra luggage carriage. The RAV4 seats are cozy and are fitted with functioning seat belts.

The RAV4 hire can be done with a driver which is usually cheaper and Self drive arrangement can as well be accepted upon presentation of required documents like passport copy and driving license.

The Rav4 has 4WD thus with the capacity to drive through slippery surfaces and can perform well in complex areas with steep surfaces and rugged terrain.

We, therefore, provide the best 4X4 RAV4 rentals in Uganda and Rwanda for your Uganda safari, business, and leisure travel.

It is always priced at $80 with a driver but less fuel. The self-drive arrangement can be discussed as well.