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Can Gorillas Kill Humans? / Are Gorillas Dangerous to Humans

Can Gorillas Kill Humans? / Are gorillas dangerous to humans

If you are asking that can gorillas kill you? OR Are gorillas dangerous to humans? Gorillas are calm vegetarians that can only become aggressive when disturbed. Gorillas are wild animals and despite the fact that they share about 98% of our DNA, a visitor on a gorilla trekking tour is required to take some precautions in order to have an exciting gorilla encounter.

A dominant silverback has the strength of several men and isn’t afraid to use it to defend his family. There have been few cases where gorillas attacked and even killed humans, although such incidents are rare and the human was always to blame.

Gorillas can attack if surprised or threatened or if a person behaves in the wrong way in front of them or makes an unexpected movement.

Therefore, you’re required to follow the set gorilla trekking rules and regulations to have an exciting gorilla trek tour.

Even if the gorilla thinks is in danger, it will first make threats; including horrific hooting, chest-beating, one leg kick sideways, running bipedally,  tearing vegetation and thumping the ground with palms. It will then run straight to the victim with great speed and stops, just in front of him.

If the human ignores the threat display and surprises the gorilla, it may then show its strength by biting and scratching as well as dragging the victim on the ground.

However, if you behave submissively by crouching down and make yourself small, and do not look straight into the eyes of the gorilla it will calm down. Those simple behaviors tell a gorilla that you are not a threat.

Note: No matter what, never run from the gorillas, never show your teeth in front of them, never raise your arms and try to make yourself look bigger, never scream and shout and never thump your chest in return−not even as a joke. Those actions may provoke the gorilla to defend its group and you’ll probably get seriously hurt.

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