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Best Time For Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda – Uganda Gorilla Safari News

mountain-gorilla-trekking-safaris-uganda-gorilla-safarisThough the Mountain Gorilla Safaris in Uganda Rwanda can be undertaken at anytime of the year, some world travelers tend to prefer tracking in the months where rains are less occurring in order to minimize the trekking challenges.

In destination Uganda, the months of June to September and December through January to February are the most preferred as they coincide with the dry season making trekking through the forest relatively easy especially the Impenetrable Bwindi which is the prime destination for Uganda gorilla Safaris.

In the destination Rwanda, the rains commence towards the end of February running through March, April to May and travelers intending to take up gorilla safaris to Rwanda always attempt to dodge these months to do away with getting wet and traversing muddy and slippery surfaces.

However, during this time, the plenty of rain comes along with plenty of food growth on the lower layers of the volcano highlands and also the upper parts of the Mountains tend to be too cold.

This in turn attracts the Mountain Gorilla groups to the lower layers of the Mountains thus making the gorilla trekking shorter since the gorilla groups can easily be seen.

The rainy months of Uganda include; April, May and November and though they do not make the trekking impossible, the steep slopes of these Mountain Gorilla habitats tend to be slippery and a bit challenging to trek.

But it can be noted that being a tropical country, it can shine after rain which at times helps the surface to dry and generate warmth to the trekkers in the forest. The earth roads connecting to the forest can be very challenging during the rains but 4 X 4 Tourist Vehicles always neutralize the challenge.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority offers discounted permits in April, May and November which coincide with the rain season.

There is $150 discount on the foreign non resident permit, $100 on a foreign resident permit and 100,000/= on an East African Community Citizen permit.

Travelers interested in taking up cost effective gorilla trekking safaris and tours in Uganda find this exciting and thus opt to travel.

In a conclusion, it can be noted that regardless of the reason, Mountain Gorilla Trekking in these two countries can be done throughout the year.

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