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Bagisu Imbalu Public Circumcision – Uganda safari news

 Boys Becoming Men- Uganda Rich Culture.

Besides being known for its landscape and Gorilla trekking in Uganda Bwindi impenetrable forest, Uganda has a rich culture from different ethnic groups which is hard to find in any other part of East Africa. Find the Bagisu culture in Uganda.

The Bagisu Imbalu Public Circumcision rites. This is a simple day, moment in time when a boy of the tribe becomes a man and all the privileges and responsibilities of being a man are now part of his life where the whole community gather to visit that important rite of Passage.

It is a pivotal occasion in Bagisu society, an individual will undergo rite of passage to manhood that involves the whole local community and even visitors are allowed from far and wide.

Boys and young men 16-25 years is considered the acceptable for the Imbalu. Those that decide to be circumcised announce their intention in June or May and spend the following few months preparing for the Imbalu Ceremony.

The Public Imbalu circumcision ceremonies are held during even numbered years (August and December).

The Circumcision Ceremony is done early in the morning before 10:00am and involves all the initiates from a given clan, a number of young men encouraged by a whistling, cheering crowd make their way to the circumcision ground carrying the initiates on their shoulders.

The initiates have their faces plastered in ash and they are stripped half naked below the waist on the way to the circumcision ground where they can line up in front of the crowd of family and friends both male and female and the ritual is done in public.

Imbalu circumcision rituals are the basis for male Bagisu identity by making them stand out as a race of men (basani) as opposed to other non-circumcising tribes whom the Bagisu consider as boys (basinde).

Though circumcision, this is when one is considered as a man. The women’s true identity is also defined by marrying a real man, one who is circumcised.

Those who fear the circumcision try to avoid it but after becoming may have to endure a rough forced circumcision.

Such stories even make the local newspaper where a Mugisu returning from abroad had to prove that he was indeed a man.

Therefore, from any Uganda safari tour like Gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda safari tour such as Gorilla tracking in Rwanda volcanoes national park, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Bagisu Imbalu tribe norms in Uganda.

Boys becoming men-Uganda gorilla safari news.

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