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An Increase in Tourism Funding – Uganda safari News

The Tourism sector is the major sector in Uganda that has generated a lot of revenues to the government.

This has developed Uganda since it has developed its Economy hence providing the local people with employment opportunities hence fighting poverty and promoting more tours in Uganda.

The sector therefore has to be developed so as to develop Uganda and increase Uganda safaris.

The government has therefore come up with the new budget where it will fund tourism sector.

This will help boost the tourism sector since the funds will help provide more tourist attractions, boost infrastructure such as roads, hotels, lodges and others.

This will help provide better facilities to the tourists while on their safaris in Uganda.

The Uganda tourism board together with the tour operators are therefore working together so as to use carefully the funds given to the tourism sector.

This will help make the sector run its business well so as to promote more tours in Uganda and also make Uganda a tourists destination hence developing Uganda as well.

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