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An Improvement in Uganda’s Tourist Attraction – Gorilla Safari News

Chimpanzee-habituation-UgandaSince most of Uganda’s wildlife is concentrated in the national parks and this means that these places need improvement in order to be able to attract more tourists to come for safaris to Uganda.

This will help in improving in the development of the tourism sector and also increasing the revenues of the country.

Uganda is known as a tourist destination because of the variety of game stock and the scenic beauty surrounded by the natural resources, land scape, ecosystems, culture and the climate. All this has helped in attracting more visitors to safari Uganda.

Uganda has got many tourism products that can attract tourists to travel to Uganda for safaris.

These include; bird watching, boating, primate watching, sport fishing, water rafting and mountaineering.

There is also variety of wild life which is concentrated in the national parks, if forest reserves and also in game reserves, all these tourism products have led to increased Uganda safaris hence increased incomes.

Uganda has got many national parks which include; Murchison falls national park which has got variety of wildlife, Bwindi impenetrable national park which has gorillas and it has attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda, Kibale national park is mainly known for chimpanzees, these have attracted many chimpanzee tracking safaris, queen Elizabeth national park, lake Mburo national park and many others, these have greatly attracted more travellers to safari Uganda.

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