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Akagera National Park in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

Akagera National Park is one of the parks which gives tourists the really view of an African jungle on their safaris to Rwanda. The park is found in Rwanda and bordering Tanzania. The park got its name form Kagera River which flows along its eastern boundary.

The park is a home for various animals and bird species which enriches tourists experiences while on their safari visits to Rwanda. The park is known for its big herd of buffalos and elephants.

The nearest city to the park is Kibungu and the best starting point for your safari visits to the park. While on the visits, there are chances of seeing spotted Hyenas and lions.

The park has about 500 bird species which can be spotted and thus it is also a good site for birding safaris while on your safari tour to Rwanda.

The rolling Brachystegia woodland and Acacia with the swamps fringed lakes and scattered grassland portray the scenic beauty of the park.

The national park has two accommodation facilities which enable tourists stay at the park. These include Ruzizi Tented Lodge and Akagera Game Lodge. This accommodation faculties offer tourists the best services while at the Park and thus enriching their Safari tours.

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