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Africa Union Set to get a Single Passport

african passportThe travel across the African continent including Uganda Safari travel is likely to lessen for Africans as it has been the case for the Americans.

It can be noted that effective July 2016; the African nation citizens will have a ground set to do away with their usual blue, black, green and red passports of their individual states for the new electronic Passport of the African Union that will present the opportunity to traverse the entire 54 nations on a visa free arrangement.

This is seen as a profound step to flourishing of travel within the continent including Uganda safaris and tours.

According to the African Union Statement announcing the launch of the e-passport, the move is considered a great step to visa free travel extended to the citizens of the African countries by the year 2020.

It is quite challenging to find that only thirteen (13) African countries allow visa free travel to the Africans but over 20 countries offer visa free travel to Americans.

The idea is modeled on the Schengen Visa scheme in the European Union where the aspect of travel among the member state is free and easier.

This free Visa Scheme is targeted to be achieved by 2018 by the African Union while the free trade deal between member states is set by 2017.

The Single Passport on the African continent is anticipated to stimulate extended free movement of individuals, goods and services across the continent fostering intra-continental trade, socio-economic development and integration which will definitely further African development driven by the Africans themselves.

The African countries that had initially features loose restrictions about the travel of Africans include; Rwanda, Seychelles, Ghana and Mauritius.

However, on a critical note, the free travel is still viewed a weak security move especially when the terror groups like the Bokoharam and Alshabaab still exist and also an issue to public health emergencies like Ebola.

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