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Adventuring the Ugandan Wilderness with the Mihingo Lodge – Uganda Safari News

mihingo safari lodgeCraftily positioned on an acacia-forested Kopje in the Lake Mburo National Park area of southwestern Uganda, Mihingo Lodge offers the finest way to experience Uganda’s wilderness Safaris and tours.

Like a hidden treasure the lodge is mystically built to blend with the environment so that only a few people can trace it and only those few can be rewarded with utmost luxury and comfort.

Lake Mburo is Uganda’s smallest National Park located about three hours and a half west of Kampala (Uganda’s Capital City) and provides habitats to over 68 mammalian species and 350 bird species; not forgetting the captivating vegetation which creates habitats for them and also provides food for them.

Mihingo lodge was founded by a duo of married Kenya-born Europeans (Ralph & Suni) who grew up with a relentless love for the African wilderness; “Ever since I was little I had dreamed of living in the bush.” Suni said and it did come to pass with the construction of Mihingo Lodge, which has accommodated a number of tourists on Uganda Safaris and tours to Lake Mburo National Park.

With an experience of both Uganda and other parts of the world, Rlph and Suni have been able to create a “hybrid-lodge” that features the beauty of Africa and the western world.

The lodge houses its guests in ten self-contained rooms each with en-suite facilities and incredible vistas of the Park. Mihingo also offers her guest the opportunity to set up tents in the bush.

Its meals are yummy and are served in a straw thatched building with ample room to relax; most of the ingredients for the recipes are organically sourced from the lodge’s own garden.

Mihingo is eco-friendly using energy from the sun and harvesting its water from the rains that wet the park.

Its unique activities and games for tourists continue to present it as the dearest sleepover point for tourists on Safaris and Tours in Lake Mburo.

Mihingo has an artistically crafted swimming pool which was dug into the rock outcrop looking towards the Park’s waterhole and saltlick where most of the park’s wildlife like the burchell’s zebras and antelopes congregate.

The lodge also offers the only horseback safaris in Uganda in which tourists can get closer views of even the shy animals which normally retreat at the sound of the vehicle engines.

Parents on Safaris to Lake Mburo National Park can have some mommy and daddy quiet time as their kids enjoy lessons about nature in the bush. They need not to worry because their children will be in safe hands.

The lodge also offers other activities like running wild, bush biking, walking safaris, boat trips, cultural visits, yoga; and something to try out is their activity called “out of the ordinary”.

With topnotch services offered by the skillful and warmhearted staff members, Mihingo remains the best way to experience Uganda’s wilderness.

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