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We have a well-trained team that will be helping you choose the best safari in Uganda and Rwanda and these will be communicating to you from the time you inquire till when you confirm. They will book you the permits and hotels so as you have the best memorable safari in Uganda and Rwanda. These can also give you the information that you may need.


Permits are booked in advance therefore tourists are requested to pay before the safari begins. When we get the permits we shall scan them and send you a copy. This is done to avoid any inconveniences.


We need 20% of the total costs before the safari begins however the permits are fully paid just as UWA needs it. All receipts for the payments are scanned and sent to you in advice. Money is refunded if the permits are already booked or change of dates is advised.


Once you pay at the bank account, we send you scan of the payment receipts and you review them. However after the 20% deposit the 80% is requires six weeks before your safari begins to ensure payment of all facilities.


Your safari details are handled by the tour consultant and the file is organized before you come to Uganda. On arrival you will meet your tour consultant who tells you details of how your safari will flow. After returning from the safari you will fill our response form and still your tour consultant is there to answer your questions. Your answers will help in the improvement of the services we render.



You are required to tell us about your flight details so that we can pick you and also drop you back if you need that. That will help is to follow the flight in case of any chance of time.

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