How much space does a gorilla group need?

gorilla-group-spaceGorilla groups do not necessarily require distinct territories and neither do they defend such areas against conspecifics. Gorillas roam in what is called the home ranges whose size is dependent on the food availability.
The home ranges are always larger where the food sources are widely dispersed. In case of abundance of nutritious and high quality food plants, the distance in between the feeding sites reduces. However, the more members the gorilla family possesses, the further will it roam and the extensive is the home range which at times causes variation in gorilla trekking times among different gorilla groups.
Interestingly, the home ranges have various vegetation zones that are seasonally utilized and they always stretch between 4 & though they can extend in less fertile areas to about 30km2. It should also be noted that the home ranges sometimes overlap and the home range of one gorilla group could be wholesomely be within that of the other.

Gorilla families move averagely 0.5 – 1km to forage daily which also depends on food availability. Gorillas can also stretch to extended distances to visit trees with particularly cherished food. This also tends to determine the gorilla trekking hours on travellers’ gorilla safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

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