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Gorilla Trekking Families In Rwanda

Susa Group/ Family:  Susa family comprises of 41 members. This is the largest gorilla family with 3 silver-backs, females, youths and several black backs.  The Family is blessed with 5 year old twins called Bysishimo and Impano and therefore every visitors dream to track is gorilla family. The group travels the slopes of Karisimbi Volcano

Sabyinyo Family:  Sabyinyo family comprises group of 8 members with the most gigantic silverback has their leader and is the most accessible of all the members.

Amahoro Gorilla Family: Amahoro Gorilla family comprises of 17 members under the control of the peaceful Ubumwe. This group is more active to access compared to Sabyinyo and Group 13

Kwitonda Gorilla Family:  Kwitonda Gorilla Family consists of 18 members headed by Kitonda silver back. This group is the most humble gorilla group which migrated from Democratic Republic of Congo. It comprises of 1 black back and 2 silverbacks.

Group 13 (Agashya). Group 13 comprises 25 members. The group got its name. The group had only 13 members but now it has 25 members

Umubano Gorilla Family: Umubano family has 11 members. This group split from Amahoro group after Charles, the present leading silver back struggled down the dominant silverback.

Hirwa Gorilla Family. This groupwas formed as a result of merging members from Sabinyo and Group 13.