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A New Baby Gorilla Born in Rushegura Gorilla Family

Reports from the Uganda gorilla safari haven of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park indicate that Ruterana a member of Rushegura Gorilla family added to the gorilla population of Uganda by producing a new baby gorilla.

The Conservation Through Public Health a local gorilla conservation Non-Governmental Organization acknowledges the birth and its Veterinary Technician Mr. Stephen Rubanga broke the exciting news after finding the mother gorilla holding her baby tightly on his morning visit to the gorillas.

Rushegura Gorilla Family thrives in the northern sector of Bwindi Impenetrable named Buhoma along with other two families namely; Habinyanja and Mubare.

The Rushegura group is known to have disintegrated from Habinyanja under the guidance of Mwirima the son of Mugurusi. Mwirima hatched the disintegration idea after failing to get along with his brother Rwansigazi as a result of varying feeding habits because Rwansigazi liked extended adventures while Mwirima preferred small ranges.

The disintegration of these two happened in the months of February 2002 when Mwirima took away 12 members to form a new gorilla family that was to be named Rushegura.

He devotedly worked towards expanding the group and by 2010; Rushegura had 19 members and had been fully introduced for encounter by travelers of gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda
Unfortunately, Mwirima passed away in 2014 and an influential black back Kabukojo took over the control of the Rushegura gorilla group.

The Late Mwirima is considerably known for his fighting endeavors in the move to safeguard the sovereignty of his gorilla family.

The history was made when he encountered the wild Makare group fighting to the end emerging the winner and securing all his group members. After this triumph, he made his group forage in the battle field to commemorate his remarkable victory.

Therefore the birth of a new member to Rushegura gorilla family is a heaven sent opportunity that contributes to the group’s continuity and memorable encounter as young gorillas are very exciting to encounter during gorilla trekking because of their playful habits.

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