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A New Baby Gorilla Born in Bweza Gorilla Family in Bwindi Uganda.

baby gorilla in bwindi Uganda

The Bweza gorilla family found in the south of Bwindi one of the prime Uganda gorilla safari regions is proud to have a new member.

Positioned in the region of Rushaga along with other four gorilla groups of Mishaya, Kahungye, Nshongi and Busingye, the Bweza gorilla family is noted to have been habituated as part of the Mishaya group before it separated to form an independent gorilla group that is encountered privately by travelers on gorilla safaris in Uganda.

Bweza has been featuring a population of nine (9) members including one silverback. This can be seen that the group has been experiencing a positive trend in its numbers since by the time of separation; it had six (6) members.

The birth of a new member is an addition to the family and an interesting aspect not only assuring the gorilla continuity but also making the Bweza group more vibrant and a darling to the trekkers on the Uganda gorilla trekking safaris.

Named after its founding father Bweza Silverback, the Bweza Gorilla family had disintegrated from Mishaya which had also disintegrated from the greater Nshongi gorilla family.

This kind of disintegration played a significant role in formation of many gorilla families which apparently make Rushaga a dominant region in Bwindi over habituated gorilla groups.

The separation also provided room for expansion thus favoring the increase in the gorilla population.
Though the Conservation Authorities including the Uganda Wildlife Authority initially thought that Bweza would re-unite with the Mishaya gorilla group, this thinking did not materialize and the Bweza was officially introduced to the market and its gorilla permits were put to sale allowing the visitors on gorilla safari in Uganda to explore the new group.

The tour operators and their clients also gained from the new formation in general as the gorilla permits increased reducing the scarcity that used to arise especially in the high season.

Introduced in December 2012 for tracking, Bweza gorilla family added to the habituated gorilla populations in the destination Bwindi dubbed the impenetrable.

There are 12 gorilla families that are spread in the 4 regions in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Besides the mentioned Rushaga with its five groups, the park also features Nkuringo with its one group of Nkuringo, Ruhija with its 3 groups of Kyaguliro, Bitukura and Oruzogo and eventually Buhoma with its 3 groups of the Mubare, the Rushegura and lastly Habinyanja.

Bwindi alone supports a minimum of 400 population of mountain gorillas making it the single habitat in the world with the largest concentration of these critically endangered Species.

No wonder, its profound greatness has always pulled world travellers to plan gorilla safaris to Uganda. The park thrives in the south west of Uganda in the magical hills of Kigezi that are densely forested featuring mature trees and thick undergrowth perched on steep hills intercepted by deep saddles that have combined to crown Bwindi an impenetrable forest.

Uganda along with Congo and Rwanda are the only countries on the global scale that are gifted to possess the remaining population of these precious apes.

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