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A Great Chimpanzee Safari in Uganda

Apart from Gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Chimpanzee trekking or tracking in Uganda is an amazing wildlife experience where tourists trek through an African forest to find and see up close wild chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Uganda offers the best opportunities for chimpanzee trekking in the world with one of the largest population of chimps in Africa.

These chimpanzees live in large communities of as many as 100 individuals. Some communities of the chimps have been habituated for tourism.

The chimpanzee habituation is a process of making the wild chimpanzees accommodating to human presence by continuous visits from trained personnel and this usually goes on for as long as three years, and that is when the chimps finally accept humans. The un-habituated wild chimps attack or flee when approached by humans.

Chimpanzee is one of the most exciting animals to see on a Uganda safari.

If you are planning a chimpanzee tour, Uganda is the best place for you since it has various national parks that inhabit these mammals.

Kibale forest offers the best habituation and Chimpanzee experience in Uganda.  Chimpanzees are always trekked up to where they settle in the forest. Chimpanzee trekking is very interesting where you get to see other animals and birds in the forest.

In Queen Elizabeth National park there is Kyambura gorge a very good place to track Chimpanzees in Uganda. A chimpanzee permit is usually cheaper here compared to those in Kibale forest.

Budongo Forest in Murchison falls national park is another place to go for chimpanzee tracking on Uganda safari tour. Budongo forest is the nearest chimpanzee tracking destination. It is only four hours’ drive from Kampala.

Like Uganda gorilla safari tour, a chimpanzee trek is led by the trained ranger guides. Tourists cannot set out on their own into the forests to track the Chimps.

The trained guides know how to follow the clues that lead to tracking down the chimps, and the guides also provide important information on other life of the forest.

A Rwanda safari is also a great opportunity one can take to experience Chimps in East Africa.

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