The Uganda Bureau of Statistics released a report saying that the price of the construction materials had reduced in the year 2014. This is advantageous to many people especially those who want to build tourists sites like the Buganda Kingdom with their traditional attractions hence increasing more safaris in Uganda.

Tourism in Uganda is going to be boosted because there are very many tourist sites that people are going to build up due to the cheap price of the construction materials. This will therefore attract more tourists to come and safari the new built up sites in Uganda hence increasing more revenues to the government.

The reduction will also help increase more hotels in Uganda as many people especially near the tourist sites will put up hotels because of the reduced prices and this will give tourists comfortable nights while on Uganda safaris. The constructions will also provide employment opportunities to the local people who engage in the activities and this will help them earn a living hence making Uganda a nice place to live in beginning with the very people around the country.

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