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10 Best Africa Safari Destinations To Visit In 2024 Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our 10 best safaris destinations to visit to in 2024 series. In the previous article, we explore 5 out of 10 of these destinations and destinations we saw include  Mala mala game reserve in South Africa, Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Etosha in Namibia, Okavango Delta in Botswana. All these conservation areas are all unique and have something magical to give to you when you make an Africa wildlife safari to any of them. In today’s series, we are going to look at the crème de la crème best 5 Africa safari destinations you should really consider to visit in 2024.

Nyiragongo Lava Crater Lake.

Located in the eastern end of the democratic republic of Congo within the beautiful ranges of Virunga, Nyiragongo is a lava crater that is found on top of the Nyiragongo peak.

Often seen glowing red as the hot lava is spewed up into the atmosphere creating a dazzling effect which spectacular to watch especially during clear night skies is a special treat for everyone who braves up the hike to the summit of this beautiful mountain range.

Those who usually summit this mountain combine it with a Congo gorilla tour since this mountain is located inside the Virunga national park which is home to 8 gorilla safaris that have been habituated by the park authorities to give you a magical gorilla tour experience.

Chobe national park

Chobe national park is located in the northern part of Botswana, Chobe national park is the third largest park in Botswana behind central Kalahari and Gemsbok national park.

This is park is one of the most biologically diverse protected areas you will ever find on the plains of Sub Saharan Africa as its home to a wide range of wild animals and bird species.

Chobe National Park is highly revered for its big elephant populations which are believed to be numbering over  120000 individuals and the species of elephants in this national park are called the Kalahari elephants which are the biggest of the elephant species on the planet.

Beyond the elephants, Chobe is also rich with predators and its famous for its large numbers of lions that are usually encountered by several tourists on their Africa safari journey here while targeting elephant juveniles or subadults.

If you have a knack for birds, well a visit to the Serondela area or Chobe riverfront in the northern sector of the park is like taking a stroll into an avian paradise as you have a chance to encounter several of the 450 bird species that reside inside this park such as the carmine bee-eaters, and the season flood season comes with a bounty of water birds species such as a variety storks, spoonbills and ducks.

Other animals that you won’t miss on an Africa safari journey here include the rhinos, cape buffaloes, leopards to make it home to all the five big Africa game, Africa wild dogs, wildebeests, hippos,  zebras, and a wide variety of antelope species such as the roan and the sable antelopes.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In this third position is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Located in the southwestern part of Uganda, Bwindi impenetrable national park is highly famous in the world of Africa safari adventures as the home of the magical mountain gorillas, Bwindi together with Serombwe national reserve in Congo are home to about 459 mountain gorillas making his sector to more than half of the world’s gorilla population as speak.

The forest of Bwindi have motivated many Uganda safari trekkers to come and visit them and engage in the exciting Uganda gorilla tour adventures as these forests are to 19 habituated gorilla families.

These families are located 4 different sectors of this park which include Buhoma in the north, Ruhija in the East and Rushaga and Nkuringo in the Southern end of the park.

Besides gorilla safaris Bwindi’s also a very interesting place to be if you’re a birder as it is home to close 350 bird species which include 23 albertine rift endemics.

For over a period of 3 years, Bwindi forests have voted as the most beautiful place to be by CNN a leading international cable news network for both gorilla trekking as well as enjoying a nature walk.

Masai Mara Reserve.

In second place is the Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya, Masai Mara is a hotbed of both culture and wildlife.

This national reserve is located in the Southern end of Kenya and it is an extension of the greater Serengeti plains of Tanzania into Kenya.

Although small in size as compared to other big protected areas in Kenya and Africa in general as it only measures about 1510sqkm, what this national reserve lacks in terms of size, it compensates in terms of biodiversity as it is home to 4 out of the 5 big Africa wild game with only the rhinos missing here.

Its only a pretty good birding place to be given its list of over 500 bird species that can be seen within its boundaries.

What really makes a safari to Masai mara a special one is a possibility of being in a front-row seat as you watch the exciting wildebeest migration where you get see several of the 2 million wild animals that trek all the way from the southern ends of Serengeti into Masai mara while looking for greener pastures.

Many tourists on a Kenya wildlife safari who visit Masai mara are intrigued by the chaotic crossing at the mara river in which these wildebeests plummet themselves one after the other into the crocodile-infested Mara river as if they don’t care about making it out alive from this river.

Serengeti National Park

Located in Northern Tanzania, Serengeti national park is with no single doubt the best African safari destination that gives nothing but epic views of the magnificent African wilderness mammals.

What makes Serengeti the big dog of Africa wildlife safaris is the sheer number and variety of animals that you will find in this national park which includes the Africa big five mammals which include the mighty and majestic lions, the stubborn cape buffaloes, and the stogy African leopards.

Other wild mammals you may encounter here include the Klipspringer, the Dik-dik, the Thomson and grants Gazelles, Impalas, Coke’s Hartebeest Rock Hyrax.

On top of it all, these rather seemingly endless plains are ground to one of the natural wonders of the world in its pure and most authentic form the wildebeest migration in which over 2 million animals embark on a journey north to the neighbouring Masai Mara plains to look for greener pastures What makes this migration so spectacular to Africa wildlife tour makers to Serengeti National Park is watching the dramatic crossing at Grumeti river in which a spectacle unfold right before your eyes as these seemingly careless wildebeests plunge themselves one after the other as if someone is chasing after them into the Grumeti river which is filled with hundreds of hungry Nile crocodiles that are waiting to devour and feast on these crossing animals. If you have a keen interest for birds well, Serengeti is a good place for you to fancy your chances of encountering several of the African savanna birds as this park is home to over 500 bird species.


At Wild Gorilla Safaris, we strive to meet all your Africa safari needs as we have got virtually the safari packages that will give you a memorable Africa safari experience as we offer Africa tours beyond in several sub-Saharan African countries.

For anyone interested in Uganda wildlife safaris packages we have got you covered with a wide range of packages that are tailored basing on the number of days you have and the destination you would like to visit on your Uganda safari tour.

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On top of an epic Uganda safari adventure to many of these savanna parks, you have an opportunity to encounter mountain gorillas.

Yes, a Uganda gorilla tour experience is very possible when you visit gorilla trekking Uganda destinations Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

A Uganda gorilla safari to any of these parks gives you an opportunity to meet any of the 19 gorilla families that have been habituated to give you nothing but the ultimate Uganda gorilla tours experience, you can ever think of.

If you’re interested Uganda gorilla safaris these are available in both short Uganda gorilla safari packages such as 3 days gorilla tours in Bwindi and 4 days Bwindi gorilla tour and wildlife in Lake Mburo.

There are also long Uganda gorilla tours that run from 6 days to as many as 18 days while featuring many other things along the way to the gorillas.

After a magical gorilla tour in Uganda, you can always visit Lake Bunyonyi Uganda and enjoy the stunning views of this magical lake.

A visit to Lake Bunyonyi gives you an opportunity to experience a boat ride on Africa’s second deepest lake.

Rwanda is also another gorilla destination you wouldn’t want to miss out on, hence if you are planning for a Rwanda gorilla safari package, check out some of our Rwanda gorilla tours packages which also come in form of short Rwanda gorilla gorilla safaris for those that have got only a few days in Rwanda but those that have got more days, then Long Rwanda gorilla trekking safari packages will do you good as they also give you a chance to visit other Rwanda safari attractions.

Congo as well is another gorilla destination and we have numerous Congo gorilla safari packages that will take you on a Congo gorilla tour adventure to either Virunga National Park for an encounter with mountain gorillas or Kahuzi Beiga National Park where you will encounter Eastern lowland gorillas.

Besides gorilla safaris and wildlife encounters in Uganda, you can still explore Uganda’s diversity using any of our wide range of day trips that visit other sites that are near the capital city Kampala or Entebbe international airport such as a Mabamba birding day trip to Mabamba island Kampala city tour day tour Jinja day tour and 1 day Ngamba island chimpanzee safari.

Check out our great east Africa safari to such as Kenya safari tours and Tanzania safari tour that take you on an Africa wildlife safari adventure to Kenya and Tanzania respectively.

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