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Discover the Thrill of Uganda Gorilla Safaris & Tours

For over 13 years, we offer unmatched value for money, memorable tailor-made, affordable, eco-friendly mountain gorilla tracking in Uganda to see Uganda gorillas. On top of Uganda gorilla safaris & tours, we arrange unbeaten luxury Rwanda gorilla trekking tours to enable you trek Rwanda gorillas. Our Africa gorilla walking safari experiences further feature Lowland and Mountain gorilla trekking in Congo to further give our valued customers a rare chance to walk with two species of Congo gorillas in Africa.

The Wonderful Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Gorilla Habituation Experiences

Gorilla trekking in Uganda & Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is an amazing activity that usually starts at 8:00 am with gorilla trekking briefing at the park headquarters. After briefing those going for their Uganda gorilla trek will be distributed in groups of 8 to embark on their gorilla walking adventure for a particular gorilla family

A Uganda gorilla trek usually takes from 30 minutes to 8 hours but averagely the trek is done in 4 hours but you are given 1 hour to enjoy gorilla sighting once you find them.

The gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi National Park takes all day. You shall be given upto 4 hours to critically observe these rare Mountain Gorillas from when you encounter the first nest where they slept the previous night. For both mountain gorilla trekking and habituation, you will use your time with them to marvel at them, photograph or film but also appreciate their behaviors, similar to those of humans given that the share 98% DNA with humans.

We guarantee you will trek and see the Gorillas. 100% of all our customers have seen the Gorillas!! After your wonderful gorilla trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla Park, you will walk back to the starting point for debriefing and a gorilla trekking certificates awarding ceremony - commonly known as the graduation ceremony. You will then receive a gorilla trekking certificate in your name and a suveniour in memory of a successful Uganda gorilla safari.

Together with our customers, we customize nothing but the best Uganda gorilla trekking tours, Congo gorilla safari treks, Rwanda gorilla tours, unique African wildlife viewing trips, community and cultural tours and priceless scenery viewing adventures.

Your Uganda Gorilla Safari With Us Directly Impacts Lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

We are a credible experienced African gorila safari company highly reviewed by many of our past clients. When you travel with us, you directly contribute to the lives of the orphans & vulnerable children at our orphanage school and orphan home ( Christ Our Vision Child Care International ) in Kalagi, Mukono District, Uganda.

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Most Popular Uganda Gorilla Safaris & Tour Packages for 2024/2025

For all our Uganda gorilla tour packages, we offer affordable, unmatched gorilla safari prices to enable you to see the lowland gorillas & mountain gorillas in Africa.

We have the best price for remarkable African gorilla trekking tours because we are locals and have established good business linkages and relationships with all stakeholders, who in turn give us great discounts on the various items that make up your gorilla trip. Enjoy the best-priced gorilla tour packages that include explorations of other major parks like Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and Kibale Forest on a Uganda safari.

Popular Uganda Wildlife Safari Tours

Tap Into Our Expertise In Organising Gorilla Safaris For Ultimate African Gorilla-Watching Experiences

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Safaris in East Africa

Undertake Uganda gorilla safaris (the best mountain gorilla tour packages in Uganda) and enjoy remarkable gorilla trekking in Uganda. You are 100% guaranteed to trek and see the rare, majestic, endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

We also create Rwanda gorilla tour packages for a gorilla trek in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.

You can also book private DR Congo gorilla safaris, which offer amazing mountain gorilla watching trips in Congo’s Virunga National Park and watching lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park in DR Congo.

The best gorilla safaris in Africa are done in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo because they are the only countries where these living endangered giant apes stay in the whole world.

Uganda is home to the Bwindi Forest, where the largest number of endangered mountain gorillas live in the world, according to the International Gorilla Conservation Program & her partners’ (IGCP) Gorilla Census of 2010.

Uganda has over 459 of these endangered mountain gorillas in Bwindi National Park and 480 in the greater Virunga massif, comprised of Mgahinga in Uganda. The other parks in the massif include Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Uganda, dabbed the “Pearl of Africa,” brightens with beautifully stunning greenery, high soaring mountains, deep, clean water lakes, and highlands. It’s home to more than half of the world’s last remaining gorilla population—perhaps the greatest natural treasure of all wildlife! This makes Uganda the best gorilla trekking and habituation experience destination in Africa and the world at large.

A Uganda gorilla safari takes you on a gorilla trek in Uganda‘s Bwindi National Park, known for the best gorilla safaris. You can also add wildlife safaris to your itinerary in the popular Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls , Kidepo Valley Park, and Kibale Forest National Parks, among others.

During gorilla-watching tours in Uganda & Rwanda or gorilla habituation Uganda safaris, you will travel deep into the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park for an amazing gorilla safari. In Rwanda, you will traverse Volcanoes National Park for thrilling Rwanda gorilla treks to see Rwanda gorillas.

In both countries of east Africa, you will enjoy a gorillawatching trek and see these peaceful, endangered mountain gorilla groups. You will spend one hour (1 hour) with these great apes from as close as a meter—closer than you have ever imagined possible.

For over 13 years, we have organized wonderful Rwanda gorilla safaris in Volcanoes National Park, Uganda in Bwindi Forest, as well as in the DRC in Virunga & Kahuzi Biega national parks.  Our team of expert gorilla safari consultants is passionate about tailoring your amazing Rwanda Volcanoes National Park, DR Congo, & Uganda gorilla safari packages and itineraries.

Our knowledgeable, experienced safari guides conduct amazing African gorilla tracking safaris, combined with community, chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey tracking, and wildlife safaris. They are always eagerly ready to accompany you in our 4×4 pop-up roof safari vehicles to the amazing African jungle gorilla tracking and walking destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, and the DR Congo.

Prime Safaris & Tours Limited is known for offering the best gorilla tracking safari experiences to see Uganda gorillas due to our amazing, unique gorilla tours and unmatched high standards of service.

We have unbeatable proven experience in customizing private and group gorilla tracking tours in Uganda, Rwanda, & the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These gorilla trekking tours are usually combined with wonderful chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Forest Park.

A Comprehensive Guide to Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Last Minute Gorilla Trekking Safaris

A Uganda gorilla trekking experience is an outdoor activity involving hours of hiking through steep and dense rainforest jungles searching for mountain gorillas. In Uganda, the search for habituated gorilla families is done in the natural habitats of Bwindi Forest & Mgahinga Gorilla Parks.

Trekking gorillas starts at 8:00 with a briefing by park authorities on safety and the gorilla trek rules. After the briefing by the park authorities, you will trek with a troop of 8 people. READ MORE

According to the 2018 gorilla census, Bwindi National Park was found to protect almost half of the total number of mountain gorillas. This park has 459 out of the 1063 last surviving in the world. Thus, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) listed the primates as a critically endangered group.

The 321-square-kilometer forest park, which stands at an altitude of about 1,160m to 2,607 m, ranks as a suitable habitat for 24 gorilla groups. Tracking the mountain gorillas takes between 2 and 6 hours, depending on the movements and location of the primates.

You will spend one hour with the primates upon meeting them and thus have an incredible time watching them go about their day-to-day activities, some of which are surprisingly human-like.

Gorilla Tracking Sectors & Their Gorilla Groups in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

In this park, you will track the gorillas in one of the four sectors, which are Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga, and the Nkuringo sectors:

Buhoma sector has the following families: Mubare Gorilla family, Habinyanja, Katwe, Rushegura, Muyambi, and Buyindo Gorilla groups.

The Ruhija natural habitat of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has 4 families: the Bitukura Gorilla family, the Kyaguliro, Oruzugo, and Mukiza Gorilla groups.

The families in the Rushaga region are: Nshongi Gorilla family, Mishaya, Bweza, Bikyingi, Kahunge, Businge, Mucunguzi, Kutu, Rwigi, and Tindatine Gorilla groups.

The Nkuringo sector has the following families: the Nkuringo Gorilla family, Bushaho, Christmas, and Posho Gorilla troops.

On the other hand, tourists can also visit the Nyakagezi Gorilla family at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, found in the Virunga region.

A Guide To Mountain Gorilla Trekking Experience in Rwanda Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park (2023/24 Guide)

The gorilla trekking experience in Rwanda takes you to the best place to trek and see the world’s mountain gorillas in Volcanoes Park, a land of a thousand hills. Rwanda has only one gorilla national park, Volcanoes National Park, where Rwanda gorilla treks are done, in contrast to Uganda and the DR Congo, which both have two. The Rwanda Development Board sells gorilla permits in Rwanda. READ MORE

Gorilla Habituation Experience in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi is a slow and gentle process of training wild gorillas to get used to the sight and presence of non-threatening humans for research, gorilla trekking tourism, and conservation purposes. A group of scientists, trackers, conservationists, and park rangers work together to habituate gorillas, which takes between two and three years.

After one year of gorilla habituation, visitors on Uganda gorilla safaris are also offered a chance to participate in the gorilla habituation experience in Bwindi. READ MORE ABOUT GORILLA HABITUATION EXPERIENCE IN BWINDI

A Guide To Gorilla Trekking Experiences in DR Congo

Low land gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National Park

Mountain gorilla trekking in the DR Congo is done in Virunga and Kahuzi Biega Parks. The best places to go for DR Congo Mountain gorilla tracking safaris are Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega National Park for Lowland Gorillas. READ MORE

Bwindi Gorilla Tracking Groups & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Gorilla Group

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park has only one stable family called Nyakagezi, commonly located on the slopes of Mgahinga Mountain, one of the Virunga Mountains.

Is Sighting Gorillas 100% Guaranteed On Gorilla Trekking Experiences In Uganda, Rwanda, And DR Congo In Africa?

Seeing gorillas is 100% guaranteed on all our gorilla-watching safaris in Africa, unless there are forces beyond our control, such as a life-threatening occurrence that we have not yet witnessed.

As a tour operator with over 12 years of experience in crafting tailor-made gorilla-watching adventures in Africa, we have mastered the art of ensuring that all our clients successfully track and see these giant apes.

We base our planning on your trekking prowess (fitness), interests, age, and the distance to the gorillas’ last location from the park headquarters by the advance tracking team of park rangers.

This way, we are able to choose and determine the most suitable gorilla troops from which our individual clients can track based on their interest, ease, or difficulty.

In the event that one is not strong enough, like the elderly who can’t finish their trek, a wheelbarrow-like stretcher dubbed a helicopter, designed by a group of strong potters, is available for hire to ensure everyone who desires to see the gorillas, irrespective of their age and physical fitness, sees  them. This way, we endeavor to do whatever it takes to have 100% successful gorilla safaris for our customers in all our destinations of operation.

Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Uganda Rwanda & Congo 

Luxury gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo offer the best adventure options to enjoy memorable gorilla-watching in Africa. Below are the features of these luxury gorilla trips:

  • Obviously, you will travel comfortably either by jeep or flight and sleep in upmarket/top-notch accommodations, in addition to many pleasant extras from your tour operators during your African safari.
  • Luxury gorilla trips in Africa are best in Rwanda, also referred to as the land of a thousand hills due to its chain of top-notch safari lodge services, followed by Uganda.
  • On these luxury gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo, you can use internal flights to connect to different destinations or be driven in luxury 4×4 safari land cruisers or Jeeps.

Budget Gorilla Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

For those looking for budget gorilla watching in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo, Uganda is the best option for budget gorilla trekking experience in Africa.

Uganda has a variety of budget accommodations at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for a memorable Uganda budget gorilla trip adventure, with a night starting at 120 dollars. On these tours, you will only use land transport, usually 4×4 safari vans/omnibuses

Other Primate Tracking Safaris in East Africa

In addition to gorilla treks in Africa, you can track other primates in Uganda & Rwanda. Chimpanzees can be seen in Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is also the home of tree-climbing lions, and Budongo Forest near Murchison Falls National Park on a Uganda safari.

After a gorilla trek, you can also visit the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha, one of the rarest African wild animals.

Golden Monkey Tracking & Chimpanzee Tracking/Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda & Rwanda

Golden Monkeys in Mgahinga Gorilla national Park

Chimpanzee tracking in Uganda can be best done at Kibale National Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, where you can also see tree-climbing lions, and Budongo Forest near Murchison Falls National Park.

If you did your gorilla trek in Rwanda, then a memorable chimpanzee trek can be done in Nyungwe Forest NP.

Golden Monkey trekking can be done in Mgahinga NP in Uganda and in Virunga Park in Rwanda.

Major Affordable Gorilla Tracking Trips in African Countries | Categories of Gorilla Safaris in Africa

Short Gorilla Safaris & Tours

We organize both Uganda and Rwanda short gorilla safaris and trips ranging from 1-6 day itineraries. For those travelers with limited time in Uganda, Rwanda, or Congo but wish to trek Mountain Gorillas or lowland gorillas, we are the best tour company for your remarkable, affordable short gorilla safaris in Africa

Rwanda Gorilla Tours & Safaris

Our Rwanda gorilla tour packages and safari trips in Volcanoes National Park are tailor-made, affordable, and available all year round.

You can trek with one family of Rwanda gorillas, add chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe & Gishwati-Mukura, wildlife viewing in Akagera National Park, & unique Rwandan community cultural experiences.

Congo Gorilla Safaris & Tours

We offer remarkable Congo gorilla tours, taking you gorilla trekking in Congo in the popular Virunga National Park and Kahuzi Biega Parks.

In addition to gorilla safaris, our Congo gorilla treks offer game viewing, community cultural encounters, and amazing scenery viewing on Congo safaris.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gorilla Safari

As you plan for gorilla trekking in Africa or African wildlife safaris, read through the common gorilla safari frequently asked questions & African tour FAQs below to plan your trip even better.

Travelers on gorilla trips in Africa can compare Ugandan gorilla trekking with Rwanda and Congo. Read More

The calm giants have long and thick fur to keep them warmer in cold environments. A male Gorilla weighs about 195kg and is 168cm tall. On the other hand, a female Gorilla weighs 100kg and is about 140cm tall. Read More

As much as gorilla treks or gorilla safaris are available all year round in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo, the dry season is the best time of the year to go on gorilla tours in Africa. Uganda’s dry season usually starts from June to September and from December to February. Read More

Uganda protects only the Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi and Mgahinga parks.

Trekking gorillas in Uganda is such a thrilling primate-watching experience that any visitor on a Uganda safari shouldn’t miss out on seeing gorillas. It is an incredible African safari experience involving travelers walking through dense tropical montane forests in central Africa in search of habituated gorilla groups until they find them.

After finding the gorillas, they spend an hour with them in their natural habitat, learning about their habits and behaviors, taking photographs, and recording the moments. Read More

Mountain gorillas are one of the world’s rarest majestic but gentle giants and meeting them on your gorilla safaris in Uganda is just tremendous.Read More

                                      You can trek and see gorillas in Uganda, found in the forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park & Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, where gorilla trek experiences in Uganda are done. Read More

The Uganda Mountain Gorillas are found in mountainous-forested areas; thus, a gorilla trek can last up to 8 hours as you pass through dense vegetation up steep, muddy hillsides and often altitudes of more than 3500 meters. So it is best to carry comfortable hiking boots. Read More

The minimum age limit for trekking with mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Congo is currently 15 years, and any visitor below this age is considered a young, vulnerable person and therefore not fit to do a gorilla trek in Africa. Read More

Yes, many Africa safari visitors that come for gorilla safaris in Uganda safely trek Gorillas with guaranteed security in Bwindi NP & Mgahinga National Gorilla Park.

A day of gorilla walking in Uganda begins with a pre-gorilla trek briefing in which participants are enlightened about the history of gorilla conservation in Uganda and told about the trekking rules and regulations for the safety of the endangered mountain gorillas. Read More

It is possible to do both gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda. An East African visa will allow you to have experience in the two countries.

A gorilla trek in any of these three (3) countries usually lasts from 1 to 8 hours (sometimes a full day). Therefore, meeting the mountain gorillas depends on how far the group has moved since it was last observed nesting up the previous evening. Read More

To prepare for gorilla experiences on Uganda safari, Rwanda safari, and Congo safari in Africa, book your gorilla watching safari in advance with a gorilla permit, work on your fitness levels, and choose jungle-fit attire as the gorilla trek involves climbing mountainous landscapes to track mountain gorillas as well as sloping down. Read More

To trek gorillas, every trekker is required to observe these rules during their gorilla trek when they come for gorilla safaris in Uganda. Read More

The packing list items for gorilla-seeing trips in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo Africa are the essential gear to include on your packing list to carry. These include sturdy waterproof clothing, long trousers and sleeves, hiking boots, cameras, a rain poncho (rain jacket), sunscreen, and a hat. Read More

We advise you to dress in a brown, grey, and green long-sleeved shirt and long trousers, Khaki zip-up trousers, or jeans to help protect against scratches. Read More

During gorilla safaris, a maximum of 8 people per day are allowed to track a family/group in Uganda, Rwanda, or the Congo in Central Africa. Read More

A gorilla trekking permit is a document or card issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) that allows any traveler above 15 years of age to trek gorilla groups in the Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga National Park during wild gorilla safaris. Read More

Uganda has about 194 gorilla permits available daily, as each gorilla family has 8 gorilla permits per day for both Bwindi & Mgahinga gorilla parks. Read More

The cost or price of a single gorilla permit is US$700 per person (for non-residents but it will cost $800 from July 1, 2024), $600 for foreign residents (to be $700 starting July 2024), and UGX 250000 for East African residents per person (to be 300,000 Uganda shillings beginning July 2024). Read More

For those pursuing gorilla safaris, the cost of a gorilla permit in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Congo in Central Africa is relatively expensive due to the high costs of conserving endangered gorillas and sustainable gorilla tourism, & it includes park entrance fees. An East African tourist visa will allow you to have experience in all three countries. Read More

You can buy/book a gorilla permit in Uganda at UWA headquarters in Kampala through a trusted tour company/operator.

The tour operator for your gorilla safaris can purchase Congo permits from the Virunga Park offices for $400 and Rwanda gorilla permits from RDB for $1500. Read More

Yes! For those planning gorilla safaris, it is important to note that the demand for gorilla permits always exceeds the number of permits available each day, especially during the high season since there are few gorilla troops. This makes advance gorilla permit bookings very important. Read More

Each Uganda gorilla permit that UWA issues to those undertaking gorilla safaris has a set date and area to track mountain gorillas. Please note that just acquiring it doesn't mean you can visit at any time. If you wish to cancel your trip. Read More

A 3-day Gorilla Trek Bwindi Tour starts at $ 1200 Per Person (2 Pax). To know how much a gorilla safari will cost, different gorilla tour companies and tour operators will offer different quotations, but the cheapest will likely cost around $1200 per person, inclusive of permits, depending on the number of people in the group and the quality of the safari lodge. A luxurious gorilla safari trip package is expected to have an additional cost of between $400 and $1000 per person, depending on the luxury accommodation and transportation of choice. Read More

Looking for a place to stay on your gorilla trip in Uganda? There is a wide range of safari lodge options—luxury, mid-range, and budget—available around Bwindi and Mgahinga Parks for your accommodation during your gorilla safaris in Uganda. Read More

Gorillas & Wildlife Uganda National Parks to Visit on Safari

Tourists who undertake gorilla safaris in Uganda visit two (2) Uganda gorilla parks Bwindi & Mgahinga gorilla parks. We have also added for you the rest of Uganda safari parks that can be combined with gorilla walking to make the best of a Uganda tour.

All Uganda Parks
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Prime Safaris & Tours Cares! Our Community Projects

We founded Christ Our Vision Child Care (COVCC) to help respond to the overwhelming number of orphaned and vulnerable children we met in our community, and when we realized the small private assistance we tried to offer these kids was not enough.

Children's Ministry is a locally-run, Christian-based organization that runs a Nursery and Primary School in Kalagi town, Mukono District, which is the second-worst AIDS affected area in Uganda.

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